Mr Joe Montana
Creative Producer

Rickshaw Bagworks

Mr Joe Montana as Producer / Project Manager for Rickshaw Bagworks internal and client art projects.


Rickshaw Bagworks

As the Project Manager for Rickshaw’s creative department, I was responsible for contracting all artists and vendors used on creative and client projects. My time was split between managing asset production for internal use (website, catalog, adspace) and acting as creative producer for B2B accounts looking for custom branded product. Our client list included; Google, Airbnb, Mozilla, Anchor Brewing, Adobe, TED, Pantone, Salesforce, Pinterest, Stripe, Turo, LinkedIn, Charles Schwab & more. 


Lifestyle Photography for Web/Social: Producer Mr Joe Montana  |  Photographer Anthony Kerrigan

Assets Design for Online Customization Platform: Photography & Retouching: Mr Joe Montana