Mr Joe Montana
Creative Producer

Kuri Takes Pictures

Mr Joe Montana as Integrated Producer for Mayfield Robotics production Kuri Takes Pictures.

Kuri Takes Pictures

Kuri Takes Pictures

Kuri was an experimental home robot, developed by Mayfield Robotics and funded by parent company Bosch. The Kuri marketing team approached Form & Fiction to introduce Kuri’s key feature, “Kuri Vision” in a short video. Keeping the tone of the video lighthearted and campy was paramount for cohesion with their existing video asset library. Working hand in hand with our Line + Pre-Pro Producer Filiz Rezvan, I represented as Agency Producer, and led the post production efforts for editorial, motion graphics, and color grade with our in-house team.

Director: Howard Cao

Steady Cam: Toby Harbo

Gaff: Alan Steinheimer

Line + Pre-Pro: Filiz Rezvan

Integrated + Post Producer: Mr Joe Montana

Editorial + Color: Xixi Xing

Still Photographer: Jonah Podbereski

Retoucher: Kizzy Vatcharakomonphan